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Hi, I'm Moritz.
At home in Munich, in nature and by the water. My element.

I caught my first fish when I was three years old, never neglected my greatest hobby and passion, and 10 years ago, I discovered the most beautiful way of fishing for me:

fly fishing.


Shaped by my interest in fashion, I learned textile design and worked in retail for many years, including a long time for Patagonia; I always had the desire to create something of your own.

Reconciling fashion, nature and sustainability is possible and was immensely important to me.

Therefore, the focus of my collections is always on sustainably produced goods -

also in terms of social responsibility.

Anyone who's into nature and is so close to nature, p.e. through fishing, should give something back - as I believe. For me, it goes without saying that I treat nature and the environment with care and respect.


When fishing, therefore, catch & release applies to me,

in the fashion "buy less, choose well, make it last".

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